Want COVID-19 gone?

Let’s see if Vitamin D can help!

More than 40 percent of us

don't have enough Vitamin D!

That can lead to health issues like depression, feeling tired, and weak bones that can break more easily. Not having enough Vitamin D may also increase the chances of you getting COVID-19!

Are you sick of COVID-19

and the crazy variants?

Us, too.

When you join the team, you’ll get:
Vitamin D capsules

How to Join the Fight for

Health and Happiness

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2. Fill Out A Survey

To make sure this opportunity is a good fit.If it is, an agreement form will pop up! Just read it and fill it out if you want to officially join the team!

4. Take a Vitamin D Pill Every Day

And fill out a short online survey just 4 times over a year.

4. Optional Bonus: At Home Antibody & Vitamin D Tests

If you want to know if you've had COVID -19 and how much Vitamin D is in your body

We’re one of the world’s top 10 universities working to find ways to keep you and your family healthy.

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