Let’s get in a fight.

The best way to defeat mental illness is for everyday people like you to get in the research study ring and become a part of the fight to find cures and new treatments.

Ways to Help Humanity

Wait, What?

A lot of us struggle with anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions – nearly one in five Americans! But whether you’re healthy or want to be, you can be a part of changing that —and help make discoveries on ways to boost people’s mental health!

Woah. How?

By teaming up with science and participating in research studies. You can even do some from home!! Yes, whether you’re healthy, sick, or recovered, TNN Match connects you with info on studies that need volunteers (or as we call them VIPs—very important participants) to help make mental health breakthroughs. Plus, that info is what guides government policies and decisions. Sorta (definitely) a big deal.

Okay, but why me?

Counterpoint: Why not you? But really: The New Normal™ movement wants to help you feel helpful and hopeful instead of helpless. By signing up to learn about joining a research study (some of which are as simple as taking an at-home survey!) you can become an active part of fighting mental illness and finding ways to optimize mental health – and saving the lives of your loved ones and people around the world. And that’s no small potatoes.

What happens when I join?

When you sign up for TNN Match, you become a part of the huge team that’s working so hard to help humanity. 

Here are a few things that can only happen if people like you join the fight:

It takes only 5 minutes to sign up,

and from there every step is intuitive and simple—with notifications whenever there’s a research study you could be a match for.

We’re in the fight of our lifetimes, and health research literally cannot happen without humans like you.

Mental illness won't know what hit it.

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