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The New Normal™ Campaign works to shorten the average 14-year wait for cures, new treatments, and discoveries that could improve you and your family’s lives. We make health research easily accessible by matching you with opportunities in the areas you care about the most and by sharing the breakthroughs you can use to live a healthier, longer life. Join the movement and learn more at BeTheNewNormal.org.

14 years

to make a discovery in the lab and get it into the real-world

23 Million

people have diseases with no treatments or cures

Less than 10%

of people participate in the health research that leads to cures because it’s not accessible to everyone

We’re fixing that with the New Normal™ Movement

  • Bringing opportunities to your fingertips.
  • Search and match to the health research areas you care about the most with a FREE mobile tool.
  • Sharing the latest discoveries so that you, your family, and friends can live a healthier, longer, happier life.
  • Inviting you to FREE events with sports, live music, performances, food, and more that you already enjoy to celebrate breakthroughs and YOU as a New Normal™ Champion!
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